Adrian Bailey

MP for West Bromwich West

Adrian Bailey MP for West Bromwich West, was on his way home from Parliament on Tuesday night when around six people targeted him.

He remained bruised after he fought against off one individual who leaped on his back so when he was hit within the mind having a large milk container.

The Metropolitan Police stated no arrests happen to be made.

Following the attack, Mr. Bailey visited his Southwark home and known as the police.

The 72-year-old stated following the first person leaped on him from behind, another then attacked him along with a third person who went past him on the bike and blocked his exit.

After with help, he thought someone nearby was visiting help, but rather they switched to be another attacker.

Throughout the robbery, he received numerous blows and it was hit within the mind having a large milk container, departing him “badly shaken up”, he stated.

“I appreciate that lots of others have undergone a couple of a few things I experienced yesterday and it also really introduced where one can me the requirement of getting bobbies across the beat to discourage such attacks,” he pointed out.

“Everybody in everybody deserves the right just to walk about within a safe and non-threatening atmosphere.

“The Metropolitan Police response remains excellent and they’re striving when camping to understand the perpetrators in the attack.”

Pressure pointed out officials maintained regarding Crampton Street, in Southwark, at 22:26 GMT to reports in the robbery earlier throughout the night developing a man being assaulted.

“The suspects made offered by a few products of property in the victim who sustained minor injuries.” a spokesman pointed out.

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